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Rose Gold Replica Rolex Datejust For Sale

Replica Rolex Datejust

Piaget "Research and Innovation", a division of Piaget, presents theReplica Rolex Datejust Ultimate Concept as the thinnest mechanically-wound hand-wound watches in the world. It is only 2.00 mm in thickness, which is the same as the Calibre 9P movement, the very first ultra-thin watch that Piaget produced. The entireReplica Rolex Datejust Ultimate Concept watch is the same thickness as the Calibre 9P without the case. This is an incredible achievement and a fitting tribute for theReplica Rolex Datejust 60th anniversary.

Altiplano Ultimate Concept's basic idea is to start with a single movement plate and casing,Rolex Milgauss Replica like theReplica Rolex Datejust 900P, and then work from there, finding ways to make the case thinner.

This watch is based on a case made of a cobalt alloy, which is known for its rigidity and hardness. Its extreme thinness allows it to maintain its shape while remaining unbent. This is especially important in watches with wheels that are only 0.12mm in thickness (as opposed to the 0.20mm of a traditional movement), as they must rotate in a rigid case or else risk having their movements stop if there is any deformation to the case.

Piaget went even further by using a crystal with a thickness of only 0.2mm,Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut a fifth of the typical watch's thickness, while still meeting modern criteria for shock and water resistant of 30 meters.

Placement of the crystal PiagetReplica Rolex Datejust Concept

The recessed crown is still visible outside the watch. It not only maintains the aesthetics of the watch but also allows for the use of the new control device. This control device uses a worm-screw instead of a sliding pinion to drive a toothed pinion and wheel on the same location as the rotation access. This arrangement makes it possible to arrange the gears more compactly.